The Oneonta Police Department Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit(CVE) consists of only Officer Wesley Buchanan.

Officer Buchanan underwent 80 course hours of classroom and field training with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to become certified. In addition to the class room training, he was required to complete 32 road side inspections with an Alabama State Trooper assigned to the motor carrier division to finalize the certification.

This training included every aspect of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). These specially trained officers are given the duties of inspecting commercial vehicles to ensure federal law and regulations for safety are being complied with.

Due to the complexity of dealing with commercial vehicles he also responds to any crash that involves a commercial vehicle to assist with investigation of the accident.

He is available on an on-call basis and works side by side with the patrol and investigation divisions to accomplish a common goal. In Commercial Vehicle Enforcement safety is the number one goal.

Inspections of CMV's primarily involve driver and equipment inspection, transportation of hazardous material and detection of overweight or oversized vehicles. CVE officers conduct physical inspections of commercial vehicles and their payload for conformity to size, weight, securement and load restrictions; safety and mechanical requirements as determined by federal and state regulations.

CVE officers are also responsible for the inspection of the CMV driver records for conformity to licensing, log book, hours of service and permits.

CVE officers conduct various safety inspections on CMVs and often put unsafe vehicles out-of-service until repairs can be made or the driver comes into compliance with regulations.

Inspections are supplemented by enforcement activities focused on serious moving violations committed by CMVs. The increased enforcement by the CVE officer helps to protect the City's infractructure and the safety of the motoring public.


If you received a truck inspection from the City of Oneonta Police Department, You have (15) fifteen days to complete the required paper work and return the signed copy to:

Oneonta Police Department
302 2nd Street North
Oneonta, AL 35121


Fax: (205) 625-4392


Return it in person to the Oneonta Police Department.

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