The Investigative Division of the Oneonta Police Department is comprised of 3 Investigators. Each of our Investigators works various types of investigations, including property crimes, crimes of violence, identity thefts, fraud, narcotics as well as adult and juvenile investigations. The Investigation Division is responsible for conducting the in-depth investigation of crimes which occur within the Oneonta City limits, both Misdemeanor and Felony crimes. Investigators normally work Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM. There is an Investigator “on call” after normal business hours and on weekends, should one be needed.

  Other duties include gathering and maintaining criminal intelligence information and performing criminal surveillance activities as are necessary. The Investigations Division also serves as a liaison between the police department and the District Attorney's Office and the Blount County Juvenile Court System. Contact the Oneonta Police Department Investigations Division if you have any information concerning any type of criminal activity that is going on in your area including drug activity.


Sgt. Keith Atkinson  (205) 274-0600



Cpl. Jimmy Baldwin (205) 274-0588



Cpl. Steven Adamson









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